About us

Our company

Our company is dedicated to making fishing lures, leaders at trolling lures.

We are an innovative company that maintains constant study and development on top, quality and high resistant products.

Our range for height and trolling the trolling line, is already known, we will launch soon our new range of colors that will guarantee good results on your fishing trips.

We demand our highest commitment, so you have the best product in your hands which guarantee the best results.

Suggestions or comments are welcome at our email.

  • High quality products
  • The best results guaranteed
  • The best customer service

Our team

Fishermen with great experience


With an extensive experience as fishermen, we study and develop the most productive lures to ensure the best results,we also have a wide range of models, colors and sizes to meet your own needs.


Simply: PHENOMENAL AND AUTHENTIC I say this with full knowledge of why I have had them in my own hands.

Manuel M.

Range of colors and sizes, resistance and unmatched results.

Francisco G.